“Time’s Arrow worrA s’emiT”

Jim Warchol is a thoughtful architect of this Ostensible Time Portal, and contributes entries from the northern outer fringes of Milwaukee, c. 21st Century.

[Notes for this transmission from Jim are below.]

I took the edited mono track (now 9:25 long), duplicated it, reversed it, then copied it into a separate track to mirror the original. I panned the original track hard left, then I panned the mirrored reverse track hard right. 

Visually it’s like this

Left:    0:00 —————————————–FWD—————————————>>>> 9:25 (565 seconds)

Right:  9:25 <<<<———————————-REV———————————————- 0:00 
Unison is at 4:42 (282.5 seconds) where the two tracks pass each other, audio playing in opposite directions. 
The right channel plays in reverse – starts at the end and ends at the start. USE HEADPHONES for MAXIMUM EFFECT!

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